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Duck Soap Shop makes duck soaps from the traditional "rubber ducky" soap to some very fun shapes & unique sizes! Great for Baby Shower Favors, Bridal Showers, Wedding Receptions & Birthday Parties! Discounts available for large purchases for Fundraisers and Promotional Events.

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3D Duck Soap Favors
3D Duck Soaps for Baby Shower & Birthday Party
Unique Duck Soaps
Hand Painted Duck Soaps
Basic unpainted Duck Soaps
Fun & Unique Duck Soaps
Hand Painted Duck Soaps
Basic "unpainted" Duck Soaps
Colorful Duck Soaps
Personalized Duck Soaps
Tiny Duck Soaps
Colorful 3D Ducky Soaps
Duck Soap Favors
Tiny Duck Soaps
Just Duck Soaps
Select duck soaps are also available for wholesale purchase ~
minimum order and other requirements will apply.
Twin Duck Soaps
"Just Ducks"
(get a discount for ordering JUST the duck soap)
Twin Duck Soaps

All of our soaps are unscented, so they're mild
to use on sensitive skin, and safe for childen too.

Duck Soap - Large
Duck Soap - Medium Classic
Duck Soap - Small
Duck Soap - Winged
Glitter Duck Soaps

Duck on a Pond Set - Small
Duck on a Pond Soap Set
Duck Soap Set - 2 pc.
Duck Soap Set - 3 pc.
Duck Favors
Colorful Flat Duck Soaps
Duck Tile Soaps
Large Flat Duck - Pastel Yellow
Large Flat Duck Soap - Clear Yellow
Personalized Favor Tags
Classic Rubber Ducky Soap
Painted Duck Soap - Large
Painted Duck Soap - Rubber Ducky
Painted Duck Soap - Small
Ducky Soap Favors

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